What is a "Second" or "Carton Damage"

240 Connect is the online outlet for the NZ owned appliance distributor Award Appliances.

As a NZ owned and operated wholesale business which imports and distributes appliances to retail stores throughout the country, occasionally we end up with appliance "Seconds" consisting primarily of cosmetically damaged products or product with Carton Damage which is rejected for retail sale.

Through 240 Connect we offer these appliances at discounted prices with full supplier support and warranties as specified. Any product items which show physical indication of damage will include photographs of the mark/blemish or damage. Items with carton damage only will not include photos of the carton, but will have the carton suitably remediated for transport.

From time to time damage may effect the potential longevity of a surface treatment (paint or enamel coating). If this is the case a diminished warranty or warranty exclusion may be specified.